Cullompton is a small town about 12 miles north of Exeter in Devon. The Parish Church of St Andrew is particularly attractive and was built in C15 with the tower and Lane aisle added the following century. Parish records begin 1601.

The gravestone for John Kellaway of Cullompton inscribed ob 24 Feb 1530 is reputed to be in the church but I was unable to find this during my visit in 2009. It is possible that it has been covered by carpet or pews.

There is, however, a wooden plaque listing those who gave money for "charitable uses and the good and releif of the poor of the Parish of Cullompton to continue forever" in 1660. Among the long list is SYMON KELWAYE OF CULLOMPTON GENT HATH GIVEN FOREVER £10

The Parish Church of St Andrew The Church Interior The Church Interior
Church of St Andrew Alter and Screen The Organ
Cullompton Church September 2009

The Wooden Plaque Top Symon Kelwaye
The Top dated 1660 Showing Symon Kelwaye on the List
Cullompton Church September 2009


Uffculme is a village about 5 miles NE of Cullompton, Devon. The Parish Church is St Mary the Virgin. The first rector was installed 1275 but the present church is much later the oldest parts from C17. Parish Registers begin 1538.

There is a Monument in the church to the Walrond family. On the front ends the Kellaway/Stafford Arms are seen with the Walrond Arms. Joan Stafford married John Walrond c.1300 but no other marriage is known at present. Modern kneelers in the church have the same arms.

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin Modern Kneelers The Walrond/Kellaway Arms
Church of St Mary the Virgin The Kneelers Arms on the Walrond Monument
Uffculme Church September 2009

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